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Our Legal Services

At Koffels, our experienced lawyers provide legal services & advice to clients with needs across a wide variety of areas of law.

Sexual assault, physical and school/institutional sexual abuse

If you or someone you know has experienced historical institutional child sexual abuse, it’s important to seek legal advice to understand your legal rights and entitlements. Our compassionate trauma-informed lawyers offer a free initial consultation, which will be kept strictly confidential, to discuss your case and advise you on the process involved.

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No win, no fee

At Koffels, we believe that everyone should have access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we offer a “no win no fee” arrangement for our professional legal fees when we believe that your case is reasonably likely to succeed.

This means that, with the exception of “out of pocket expenses” such as records and reports, you do not have to pay our professional legal fees unless you are successful in your claim.

We know that pursuing legal action can be stressful, which is why we aim to make the process as simple as possible for our clients. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and supported throughout.

Get in touch with Koffels today to discuss your institutional sexual abuse claim with one of our expert lawyers.

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Divorce, Mediation, & Family Law

Ending a union can be one of the most tiring, difficult, and stressful events of your life – it’s also an extremely pivotal moment. Over the coming months, your decisions will bear the weight of your future. With emotions running high, you may benefit from the sound advice of a divorce mediation lawyer.

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The settlement of custody and property division will require a practical, realistic, and empathetic approach to reach the best possible outcome for all parties. Because many of these issues will have legal complications, it’s best to enlist the services of a family law specialist who is trained to handle the negotiation and settlement.

The process of divorce is challenging and complicated. When you are going through a divorce (or even thinking about getting one), it requires you to have a solid base of legal information and assistance that can help you make the best decision possible.

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Criminal Law

We advise and provide representation in all jurisdictions including Local, District and Supreme Courts.

koffels maintains relationships with experienced criminal barristers who are able to conduct advocacy in any jurisdiction of the State or in any Federal Court as required by the client.

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  • Advice and defence of prosecutions by WorkCover
  • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
  • Breaches of State Acts involving licensing
  • Confiscation of assets
  • Customs Excise
  • Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

And more.

We are also able to assist clients who have been criminally prosecuted from foreign jurisdictions. We are a key member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) and IR Global we can connect our clients to over 850 firms in 150 different legal jurisdictions.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day with after-hours contact phone numbers on our office answering service.

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Sports Law

Sport is big business, and the management of legal issues arising within the ambit of Sport Law are becoming increasingly more complex, varied and global in nature.

Both organisations and sports people are in increasing need for dependable and often immediate advice in resolution to a particular dispute, contract negotiations, and accidents.

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As members of IR Global and Lawyers Associated Worldwide, we are connected with our colleagues across the world dealing in the issues of both Sports People and Sporting Organisations. Be it an issue locally or overseas, we can provide immediate assistance wherever and whenever required.

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  • Drafting and structuring of contractual arrangements
  • Insurance requirements for events, individuals and organisations;
  • Personal Injury claims both claimant and defendant-based;
  • Advice as to drafting, upholding or disputing sporting regulations/rules;
  • Set-up for Clubs, Organisations and Businesses.

And more.

Cross-Boarder Transactions

Through globalisation many businesses operate in multiple jurisdictions and they often encounter a range of challenges and requirements to comply with different legal obligations. At Koffels, we understand the needs of your business and can provide solutions based on our experience in representing many international clients in Australia as well as Australian businesses operating and seeking to expand internationally.

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  • Company set-up in Australia and in other jurisdictions
  • Offshore sales, mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions
  • International licensing arrangements
  • International competition, insurance and trust laws
  • Intellectual property dispute and defence

And more.

For individuals, we can provide assistance with your personal matters, whether you are in Australia or in another country.

  • FIRB advice and applications for foreign purchaser of real estate and/or investment in Australia
  • Litigation of contentious matters, including court actions, arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.

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Horse or Equine Sport Law

Sport is now a business. Professionals and amateur sporting events now involve more complex commercial arrangements and liability which require Legal Advice., Equestrian and Sport Law is one of our specialities.

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  • Insurance for the running of activities and its committee members/directors
  • Disciplinary issues, the drafting of rules, setting up disciplinary tribunals
  • Contractual and property negotiations on behalf of clients and clubs
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Risk management and compliance

Koffels holds a unique place in Equestrian Law from personal hands-on experience. Apart from a strong family involvement over the last 25 years, Ross Koffel has held office with the Equestrian NSW, Eventing NSW, and Jumping NSW.  Koffels have provided sponsorship to Equestrian Sport, including Dressage NSW, and are the Honorary Solicitors for the Sydney Showjumping Club.

Wills, Estate & Probate

The Koffels Estate Team possesses decades of experience in estate law. We provide advice on the creation of wills, testamentary trusts, property transfers, estate plans and superannuation.

There are two principal categories of wills that Koffels can assist you prepare. A ‘standard’ will provides for the granting of a person’s assets, after his or her death to the spouse and children.

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Strata & Community Title

Koffels is a leader in advising and representing Strata Managers, Building managers and Body Corporate. We provide a full range of legal services, including Boundary and Title Law, the drafting of complex By-Laws and Scheme Management documents.

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Real Estate And Property Law

At Koffels, we assist our clients to have the confidence in their decision making and we have a solid understanding of the requirements of all stakeholders including mortgage brokers and real estate agents. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient, personalised and cost-effective service on the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial properties in Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

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Intellectual Property

With the increased presence of business and individuals online, intellectual property is the key to brand protection and reputation.

At Koffels, we understand the importance of your intellectual property rights and endeavour to provide advice that adds value to your business by identifying, registering and protecting your rights from any disparagement and infringement.

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Building & Construction Law

Koffels has extensive experience across all areas of commercial, industrial and domestic building projects including dispute resolution. We have advised a wide client base that includes builders, developers, trade contractors, suppliers, homeowners and consultants.

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Finance & Credit Law

We pride ourselves on offering an efficient, personalised and cost-effective service on the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial properties in Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

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Corporate & Commercial Law

At Koffels our foundation is commercial and corporation law, where our commitment is to provide first-class support to your business from the establishment to expansion.

We have in-depth experience and wide skill sets in corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions, capital raisings, financing and corporate governance.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Koffels appear in all Australian jurisdictions handling litigation of contentious matters, including court actions, arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. We have litigation experience in a wide range of courts from State Tribunals to the High Court of Australia.

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Employment & Workplace Relations

Koffels specialises in both local and international employment law matters, our connections with our legal partners across the globe provides us with a commercial advantage and the expertise to advise corporations on their organisational structures both locally and worldwide.

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Insolvency Law

At Koffels we understand the importance of obtaining specialist legal advice to regain control in times of need. We can provide comprehensive legal services in corporate and personal insolvency.

We have considerable experience in all contentious and non-contentious aspects of corporate and personal insolvency litigation as well as advise on and prepare documents for administrations and other related insolvency matters.

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Through our global capability, we also specialise in advising clients on their visa applications outside of Australia. As a key member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) and IR Global, we can connect our clients to over 850 firms in 150 different legal jurisdictions in order to support their migration requirements.

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