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Executive Chairman


Executive Chairman

Ross Koffel is held in high regard as a senior solicitor within the legal profession and in the business community in Australia.  Having a business background as proprietor of a multi-national film and advertising company, he brings a unique application of efficiency and practicality to his advice and is a well-known advocate in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court.

Founding Koffels Solicitors & Barristers in 1990, Ross soon built a reputation for establishing precedent in diverse areas, including; contract law,  insolvency,  real property and tax.  He is respected as a strong and aggressive litigator and brings this strength to what is now a renowned full-service firm.

His client base includes listed companies, private multinationals and high-net-worth individuals.

Ross provides advice as to Significant Investor Visas and a complete range of business-related visas.

Ross is also a Trustee of the Combined Services RSL Sub-Branch.


“The opportunity to understand our clients’ circumstances so that our advice is practical, insightful and tactically correct is paramount.”


“Having spent a significant part of my career running large businesses and now maintaining a variety of independent board positions, I know the importance of providing relevant, business-orientated, and success-driven advice.


“The continuation of my work on a global scale, moving from business in the film and advertising industries to private legal practice, has enabled my experience to be channelled into assisting our clients.”

Career Highlights:

  • Providing overall legal and corporate advice to companies in diverse fields, including Crowd Funding, Information Technology, Aviation, and Medicine, as well as providing leadership with Directorship and Company Secretarial responsibilities.
  • Involvement within foreign company set-ups and investment in Australia, and Australian companies setting up and investing overseas, addressing cross-border tax, thin capitalisation rules, transfer pricing, intellectual property and parallel importing.
  • Supervision of litigation matters at Koffels with a provision of tactical advice to clients resulting in:
    • prosecution of a claim on behalf of a US-based client against a prominent franchisor;
    • successful claim against an international oil company in a dispute over the remediation of land;
    • claim against a national construction company on behalf of a large private developer;
    • the establishment of precedent in a multi-million dollar claim over defective building works in a large strata plan resulting in full payment of restoration works;
    • the successful prosecution of claims against institutions for historical sexual abuse.
  • International/cross-border litigation includes:
    • Personal Injury claims relating to employment in Thailand, Switzerland, France and the Caribbean (including Maritime Law);
    • Conducting a litigation process in California on behalf of a client in a property dispute and de facto claim;
    • Defence of criminal charges in Hungary on behalf of an Australian team member in an international sporting competition accident.
  • Advice in relation to administration, receivership and liquidation of companies, including compulsory examination under the Corporations Act and the validity of the actions of the insolvency practitioners in dealing with assets.


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