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Practical and empathetic divorce mediation lawyers

Ending a union can be one of the most tiring, difficult, and stressful events of your life – it’s also an extremely pivotal moment. Over the coming months, your decisions will bear the weight of your future. With emotions running high, you may benefit from the sound advice of a divorce mediation lawyer.

The settlement of custody and property division will require a practical, realistic, and empathetic approach to reach the best possible outcome for all parties. Because many of these issues will have legal complications, it’s best to enlist the services of a family law specialist who is trained to handle the negotiation and settlement.

Why Trust Us?

At Koffels family legal in Sydney, we provide legal advice on a multitude of matters, including corporate structures, taxation and business law, and wills and estates. We also have some of the top family lawyers in Sydney City – specialising in divorce, mediation and family law – to provide expert opinions for our clients.

We have legal partners across the globe who can also assist us with parenting and property matters internationally. Though most of our family lawyers are based in Sydney City, if necessary, we can help you get the assistance of an international family lawyer. We will do our best to settle all necessary matters through negotiation and mediation, but we are also prepared to give you the assistance you need in family court in Sydney.

If your relationship is coming to an end, let our top family lawyers in Sydney City help you through the parenting and property matters. Your divorce mediation lawyer will work around the clock to give you the best possible outcome for your future.

Do I Really Need Help From A Divorce Mediation Lawyer?

Because many divorces and separations can be amicable, couples may find themselves wondering if they need to consult a family law specialist in Sydney. However, no matter how neutral you are, property and custody discussions can still get very heated. These are best settled with a divorce mediation lawyer.

Think about these considerations before you make a decision. If any or all of these apply to you, you may need the assistance of a family law specialist.
  • Is your partner seeking to move homes, whether in Australia or overseas?
  • Is your partner missing, out of contact, or presumed dead?
  • Has your partner already hired a family law specialist?
  • Are you having difficulties emotionally preparing yourself for negotiations?
  • Is your partner violent, or potentially violent?
  • Are children involved in your union?
  • Are you aware of your rights and obligations after your separation, including legal entitlement to property?
  • Are there potential issues with your parenting arrangements post-separation?
  • Do you need family legal in Sydney to preside over possible disagreements about entitlement to and division of property and assets?
  • Will there be any potential transfer of assets between yourself and your partner?
These factors have a massive impact on your personal relationships and economic stability, and all of them will have legal consequences as well. A divorce mediation lawyer would be invaluable, if not essential. If you’re looking for someone to mediate discussions between you and your ex-partner, our family legal in Sydney is here to help.

How A Family Law Specialist Assists In Mediation

Mediation can refer to two different processes: one is the informal use, where people have a friend or relative help them work out their issues. The second involves a professional mediator who helps couples parse through their reasons for separation, concerns about child care, and eventual property division.

Parties planning to divorce are required by law to undergo mediation before making settlements involving their family lawyers in Sydney City. These negotiations can get very emotional, hence it is important for a mediator to be present to keep matters confidential, polite, and beneficial to all parties involved.

At Koffels, we can provide you with a divorce mediation practitioner, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), and other family legal in Sydney to help you and your partner discuss things openly and respectfully.

These are just some of the matters which a Koffels family law specialist in Sydney can handle in mediation:
  • Adoption
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Division of property for married, de facto, and same-sex couples
  • International child abduction
  • Domestic violence
  • Parenting and custody arrangements
  • Child support and maintenance
  • IVF and surrogacy
  • Restructuring of business affairs with your partner, if applicable
  • Tax implications of your separation, divorce, and settlement
  • All types of family legal in Sydney
There are many things to discuss before your divorce is settled, and they are often too complicated for informal agreements. Koffels has the top family lawyers in Sydney City to help you during mediation – with our skill and experience, you can reach a settlement before resorting to family court in Sydney.

Here’s What Our Top Family Lawyers In Sydney City Can Help You With

If you’re looking for family solicitors in Sydney, we can connect you with a top divorce mediation lawyer to discuss your situation and your possible options. These are just some of the many services that our family legal in Sydney provides to our clients:
  • Initiate supervised talks between you and your partner regarding property division, custody arrangements, and other matters related to the dissolution of your union.
  • Take necessary steps to reach a settlement of your affairs through negotiations – and if not, begin steps in family law court in Sydney.
  • Work towards a speedy and cost-effective resolution of your legal separation from your partner.
  • Talk to the related government agencies for concerns related to your family and partner, and obtain government records which may be pertinent to your proceedings.
  • Conduct legal research and find the best jurisprudence pertinent to your case, if you need to go to family law court in Sydney.
  • Discuss and minimize tax liabilities for your divided property, as well as any assets which will be transferred between yourself and your partner.
  • Appear in family law court in Sydney as your legal counsel.
Our top family lawyers in Sydney City have helped dozens of satisfied clients. Talk to us if you need a family law specialist to help you through your divorce – our firm should be your first choice for family legal in Sydney.

FAQs About Family Law And Family Court In Sydney

What Is Considered A De Facto Relationship?

For a relationship to be considered de facto, the law requires you and your partner to be living together on a “genuine domestic basis”. The genuineness and domesticity of your living arrangements can be proven by a family law specialist in Sydney.

Note that married couples are not considered de facto. Those related by family are also not considered to be in a de facto relationship just because they are living together. Talk to our family lawyers in Sydney City if you have any questions about your union’s status.

Is There A Required Timeline Before Appearing In Family Court In Sydney?

Yes. If you are considering pursuing any of these options, please note that there will be a limited period of time for a family law specialist to initiate them.

  • Divorce– While there is no limit to the length of time that parties should have been married or in a union, the law requires that parties should have been separated for at least 12 months before filing for divorce. There is no need for separate households – the law will also consider parties who were separated but remained under one roof.
  • Property settlement and spousal support– This will depend on whether you were married to your partner or you are a de facto Filing an application for property settlement and spousal maintenance can be brought no later than 12 months from the date of a married couple’s divorce, but it can be initiated by family lawyers in Sydney City prior to the divorce and during the period of separation. A de facto couple has until two years from the date of separation.
  • Filing appeals from court orders– This will vary depending on the order you are appealing. Some orders from the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court need an appeal within seven days from their issuance. Others require reviews or appeals to be made within 28 days from the order’s issuance. Contact a family law specialist in Sydney to find out the proper time period for lodging your response.
What Issues Should Be Heard Before The Family Law Court In Sydney?

If your case involves the following matters, they need to be brought before a family law court in Sydney:

  • Adoption matters
  • International child abduction and relocation
  • Serious allegations of physical or sexual abuse of a child
  • Matters involving the validity of a marriage or divorce
  • Serious allegations of controlling family violence

This is not an exclusive list of what must be brought before family court in Sydney. Apart from these common issues in divorce proceedings, there may be complicated issues of jurisdiction or proper court filing. Consult our top family lawyers in Sydney City to find out where you should be filing your legal documents.

Can I File For Divorce Online?

Yes. Your family law specialist in Sydney can walk you through the application process for this. You can apply for a divorce by submitting an eFiling online, using the Commonwealth Courts Portal. You can file a sole application, or file jointly with your partner.

Same-sex partners cannot complete applications online as of now and will need to contact the National Enquiry Centre. Nevertheless, they can still file an application for divorce offline with family lawyers in Sydney City.

Can I Withdraw An Application For Divorce?

Yes. You can choose to discontinue your divorce application, or you can withdraw part of your case. In some cases, your divorce mediation lawyer will be required to file a Notice of Discontinuance with the Federal Circuit Court.

Consult a family law specialist in Sydney before you withdraw your application. Be warned: your withdrawal will not prevent your partner from continuing with their own legal proceedings in family law court in Sydney.

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