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The Key To A Successful Compensation Claim: Follow It Through

Having successfully acted in literally hundreds of matters regarding the abuse of children in a myriad of institutions across Australia, it is sometimes good to reflect on the very positive outcomes from the process of a successful claim.

Brother Dacian aka Kevin Jewell from Marist Brothers Eastwood can help other victims of institutional child sexual abuse find their voice

Conviction of Brother Dacian aka Kevin Jewell from Marist Brothers Eastwood can help other victims of institutional child sexual abuse find their voice.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses charged with Allowing Sexual Abuse of 11 Year Old

It is a reminder to us all that no group or institution can be seen to be beyond suspicion when it comes to the abuse of children in our society. We constantly hear people say that this would never happen in their community but the truth is, it does. This time that spotlight has now been focused on the Australian branch of the Jehovah’s...

The National Redress Scheme – Selling Abuse Victims Short

The Redress Scheme for victims of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse seemed like a worthy attempt to provide compensation to victims on a fairly simplistic basis of one-off payments. Time has shown us however, that this apparent largesse on behalf of the participating institutions is not all it was purported to be. While for those for whom there is no other avenue to seek monetary...

Paedophile Priest Anthony William Peter Caruana convicted for Chevalier College Abuse

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, 19 August 2021 edition, in an article by Georgina Mitchell, that paedophile Priest Anthony William Peter Caruana, has been convicted of 22 counts of indecent assault and four counts of sexual intercourse with a pupil of the school.

Surviving Child Abuse As An Adult

My name is Sharon, and I am a personal injury lawyer with Koffels Solicitors and Barristers in Sydney. Since 2012 I have assisted hundreds of survivors of child abuse with their compensation claims. I am also a registered nurse with more than 10 years of frontline psychiatric nursing experience. So I understand how difficult one’s life can be living with childhood trauma and psychiatric...

New Queensland Law Reform Reaches into The Confessional

On 5 July 2021, amendments to the Criminal Code of Queensland (section 229BC) took effect, making it a crime for an adult who gains information that a child sexual offence has been committed by an adult to fail to report that to police. Changes to the law specifically include information gained by a priest during confession. In truth, such changes concerning the confessional are largely symbolic....

Institutional Sexual Abuse Compensation – How The Legal Process Works

With experience on our side, the Personal Injury Institutional Sexual Abuse specialists at Koffels Solicitors and Barristers will listen, understand, and assure our client that they are not alone and that they will be supported in the process.

Sexual Abuse Apology

Sexual Abuse Apology and the 9 Positive Developments within the Legal System Since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse A national apology delivered to those who suffered abuse in institutions within Australia A collective social shift in the way institutional abuse has historically been viewed and dealt with Increased scrutiny on institution and recognition of past wrongs Increased funding for support services for survivors...

Sexual Assault Survivor

Sexual Assault Survivor - Australian of the Year 2021 Grace Tame has been named Australian of the Year for 2021 at an awards ceremony in Canberra at the national arboretum. Grace was groomed and sexually assaulted as a 15 year old girl whilst attending St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart by her then maths teacher Nicolaas Bester. The 58-year-old teacher groomed Ms Tame and repeatedly sexually...

Seven Virtues to STOP Sexual Abuse

The Seven Virtues to STOP Institutional Sexual Abuse The Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse identified a number of systemic issues within institutions which have led to abuse occurring. Identifying the systemic issues provides us with an opportunity to act to address deficiencies within institutions and to ensure such issues are not repeated in the future. What might be some ways to stop institutional sexual...

Teacher Arrested Trinity Grammar

Another Teacher Discovered and Arrested for Attempted Child Abuse It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today in an article by Mary Ward, that a teacher otherwise employed by Trinity Grammar School had been charged with on-line grooming of what he believed to be a 13 year old girl. There is no suggestion that any student attending Trinity Grammar had been subject to any abusive...