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Koffels Solicitors & Barristers – Sydney

We’re a firm located in Sydney, which is a city of about five million people. We are a corporate and commercial law firm. Additional, we act for both local companies as well as foreign countries that wish to invest in Australia.

We also carry out work in real estate, sport law, family law and wills and estates. These areas are often cross border issues because Australia is a multi cultural country. Many of the residents in Australia have requirements in the countries in which their families came from. Therefore, we are able to assist them with each of those problems.

If a client approaches us about carrying out a piece of work, we generally don’t like to simply just give them advice about that piece of work. We like to try to understand their business. Also, what they are doing and what their objectives are and we try to fit in the piece of legal work into that overall objective so that maybe if it is a difficulty we may have some other alternative or more creative solution to the problem.

We differentiate ourselves by taking a holistic approach towards the client. Especially trying to think about their business. Especially trying to worry about how they position themselves in the market. We do this so that when they have legal needs that we are already familiar with their position so that we can try to provide a quick and immediate response.

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  1. Hi had a builder who started the job April 2021 never finished was given rectification order by FT did not complete asks for extension FT denied, the defects according to Scott’s schedule $294k my pergola has collapsed black mould no certificates provided worked with no HBCF for10mnths unbeknown to me

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