Family Lawyer Divorce & Mediation

Family Lawyer Divorce & Mediation

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Divorce, Mediation, & Family Lawyers In Sydney City

Ending a union can be one of the most tiring, difficult, and stressful events of your life – it’s also an extremely pivotal moment. Over the coming months, your decisions will bear the weight of your future. With emotions running high, you may benefit from the sound advice of a divorce mediation lawyer.

The settlement of custody and property division will require a practical, realistic, and empathetic approach to reach the best possible outcome for all parties. Because many of these issues will have legal complications, it’s best to enlist the services of a family law specialist who is trained to handle the negotiation and settlement.

Why Trust Us?

At Koffels family legal in Sydney, we provide legal advice on a multitude of matters, including corporate structures, taxation and business law, and wills and estates. We also have some of the top family lawyers in Sydney City – specialising in divorce, mediation and family law – to provide expert opinions for our clients.

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Here’s What Our Top Family Lawyers In Sydney City Can Help You With

If you’re looking for family solicitors in Sydney, we can connect you with a top divorce mediation lawyer to discuss your situation and your possible options. These are just some of the many services that our family legal in Sydney provides to our clients:

  • Initiate supervised talks between you and your partner regarding property division, custody arrangements, and other matters related to the dissolution of your union.
  • Take necessary steps to reach a settlement of your affairs through negotiations – and if not, begin steps in family law court in Sydney.
  • Work towards a speedy and cost-effective resolution of your legal separation from your partner.
  • Talk to the related government agencies for concerns related to your family and partner, and obtain government records which may be pertinent to your proceedings.
  • Conduct legal research and find the best jurisprudence pertinent to your case, if you need to go to family law court in Sydney.
  • Discuss and minimize tax liabilities for your divided property, as well as any assets which will be transferred between yourself and your partner.
  • Appear in family law court in Sydney as your legal counsel.

Our top family lawyers in Sydney City have helped dozens of satisfied clients. Talk to us if you need a family law specialist to help you through your divorce – our firm should be your first choice for family legal in Sydney.

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