Property in Family Law Matters

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Property in Family Law Divorce

Property in Family Law Matters

Is it ‘yours, mine, or ours?’We help in property settlement with top family lawyers in Sydney.

When a family’s financial affair disentangle upon separation, the whole experience can be very unsettling, excruciating, and can leave you exhausted. Mostly when a long relationship is being dissolved, it questions the division of businesses, trust, and other complex financial structures. This is where you need the legal guidance of an expert family solicitor in Sydney. Property settlement in the family law can help you obtain the best possible solutions and disclosure of the parties’ documents.

It doesn’t matter how much time has been spent in the relationship, married or de-facto, this process of property settlement in family law should be done on a first-hand basis. At Koffels, we have simplified the process to make you understand what is required of you and how we can assist you in efficiently attaining the best solution in property division of family law.

Before you accept or reject any offer of property settlement in family law from your spouse, you should seek guidance from an expert solicitor, if the offer of property division is within the reasonable range of your expectations.

When working at a property settlement family court, there is a thorough four-step process:

  • One must assess the assets, liabilities, and all sorts of financial resources of both parties, whether in Australia or overseas. This is important in determining the net pool of the assets that are made available for the property division in the family court.
  • Considering both contributions (financial and non-financial) made by both parties to the assets during the relationship (in some cases, also post-separation).
  • Understand the future needs of the parties that can be taken into account. This includes factors that impact each party’s overall entitlement like child care, health concerns, and maximum earning capacity.
  • Once the above-stated factors are assessed, the overall conclusion and equitable distribution on all circumstances are calculated.

The jurisdictional family law is considered highly discretionary, and each case is treated differently with different outcomes. The ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t a suitable expectation or outcome for property division in family law. There might be the chance that someone with the same case might receive a different outcome than what you may receive. It is advised to seek guidance in this particular circumstance.

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