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Our family name is on the door and that means everything


Our family law firm opened in 1990, and we now represent clients ranging from individuals & small and medium-sized enterprises to established industry leaders.

We understand what it’s like to build, own and run your own business, and we take great pride in working with clients who trust us with what is often their life’s work.

We are resilient

Koffels has provided advice and guidance to countless corporations, committees, associations and law firms for over three decades.

We are agile

Having spent a significant part of his working life running a large business, Ross knows the importance of providing relevant, business-orientated, success-driven, advice.

We are global

Koffels is a gold member of IR Global and a member of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors

Our accreditations and affiliations

Trusted by thousands of satisfied clients

There are people just like you out there, whose lives could be changed by the team at Koffels. These are just a few of those we’ve helped. If you would like to share your story with others for whom it might mean a great deal, please click here to send us your testimonial.

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