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PI: Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

As a major Personal Injury claimant firm in the area of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers note with great interest, the decision of the DPP to Appeal the Home Detention sentencing of Philip Wilson, the former Adelaide Archbishop.

Mr Wilson has been convicted of concealing child sex abuse but received a sentence deemed to be inadequate in the view of the DPP. The former Archbishop was serving one year home detention at the residence of his sister. Additionally his eligibility for parole would not occur until 6 months had lapsed. Magistrate Robert Stone found that there was no show of remorse or contrition for his actions in covering up the abuse. Indeed it appeared that it was only after great pressure that Mr Wilson resigned from his position as Archbishop. Indeed this was the most senior cleric in the world to be convicted of having knowledge of, and concealing child sexual abuse.

Our Stance

In addition, it is the opinion of our firm that those who have knowledge of and conceal such heinous abuses should be brought to account.  One needs only to consider how many children could have been spared.  Stopping the perpetrators in their tracks by making the authorities aware of the abuse is the best course of action.  In fact, the Attorney General announces significant increases in jail sentences for people who conceal child sexual abuse. We look forward to observing the progress of the DPP’s Appeal.

He said that he expected a jump in jail terms from a maximum two years to possibly seven years.  Concealing child sexual abuse could lead to more reporting within family settings, where the majority of abuse occurs. We understand how child abuse can lead to a lifetime of trauma. These reforms will enable courts to impose longer sentences on people who protect paedophiles and other heinous child abusers. NSW and Victoria are the only Australian states where people can be charged for concealing child sex offences. We understand that Mr Wilson is appealing the conviction.

If you are a survivor of child abuse, sexual assault or sexual abuse, please contact us. If you wish to talk to a legal professional, we are a supportive and experienced team. We achieve well above the average results for our clients.  Every enquiry remains totally confidential. There is no obligation to proceed, just an opportunity to talk about it.

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