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Assets Distribution in Property Settlement

If Your Partner Has all the Money & Power, How Can You Get a Fair Distribution of Assets in a Property Settlement?

Considering property settlement, not all large Family Law matters end as amicably as the divorce settlement of the founders of Amazon, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos.

Many times the dominant partner in a post-divorce/property dispute feels they can over-power their ex-partner into accepting less than their entitlement. The weaker side is paid tokenism and forced out of further negotiations by their ex coming from a position of strength. Sometimes it is the complexity of a structure of companies and trusts that proves daunting to unravel.

At Koffels we have a Family Law Practice with a fundamentally corporate commercial foundation. Divorce is no longer the focus of a separation from your partner; it is the equitable distribution of mutual assets. Did one party enter into a pre-nuptial agreement? Is it binding? Not always.

Did your ex fail to give full disclosure of assets at the time of the settlement and has since been caught out? Do you have any redress to this? Sometimes you do.

It’s complicated. Let us unravel those complexities, show the real picture and support you in moving on with your life.

Call us, we’re here to help.

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