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Brother Dacian aka Kevin Jewell from Marist Brothers Eastwood can help other victims of institutional child sexual abuse find their voice

In 2016 and 2017 various institutions told Australia’s National Child Abuse Royal Commission of their concerns of widespread inappropriate behaviours being committed on children.

In 2021 Grace Tame was named Australian of the Year having spoken up and given a voice to the thousands of victims of Child sexual abuse in Australia.

Koffels has extensive experience in representing victims of institutional abuse at the hands of the State, the Church, State and Private schools and organisations.

Marist Brother Dacian (Kevin Jewell) was convicted and sentenced in early 2021 for abuse he committed during his time at Marist Brothers Eastwood.

Many of his former students are finding their voices and pursuing justice and compensation. Religious Brothers and lay teachers of many other Catholic and non-Catholic Schools have been convicted or had their abuse exposed at the Royal Commission or in the Court.

Former Geelong Grammar and The Margaret Lyttle School – Preshil teacher, John McMillan was charged in 2016 for his abuse of students across both campuses. A victim at the Geelong Grammar campus received a record payout in the Victorian Court earlier this year.

Key perpetrators at some of Australia’s Juvenile detention centres have included:

  • Former Gosford mayor, Laurie Maher, alleged to have sexually abused boys at Mount Penang between 1977 and 1988.
  • Former Federal MP and superintendent of Daruk Boys Home, Alasdair Webster, who is alleged to have sexually abused boys in 1977-1978.

Other institutions under investigation include:

  • Keelong
  • Tamworth Institution for Boys
  • Westbrook
  • Minda

Numerous victims of abuse in State-run and private schools, at the hands of the Catholic and Anglican Church and Juvenile Detention Centres have begun to come forward and found their voice in recognition of past atrocities they have suffered.

As Victims continue to find their voices, they will expose the atrocities many have suffered as Children.

Childhoods cut short can never be replaced, but their voices may bring justice and closure, through exposure and compensation.

If either you or someone close to you would like to talk to one of our abuse specialists, for free and in confidence, about your legal options, please feel free to either contact us here via the form below with the best way and the best time to contact you, or you can call us on 02 9283 5599.

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  1. I know you guys will help me out I deserve much more than I got I no one bloke who was only in care half as long as me he got double what I got so please do your best I no U will Ryan Carlisle and Thomas will send me a form to sign so you can have a copy of my file ok talk soon Angela sirdrineus

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