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Can it be that the upheavals in the EU and the United States are good for Australia?

Certainly on one level this would seem to be the case.  Australian universities are targeting the international student market. The universities regard the current unsettled environment as an opportunity to capitalise on this phenomenon.

As an illustration, Australia is now close to surpassing Great Britain as the second most popular destination for advanced education. In particular, Indian students appear to be concerned about the uncertainties of life in Europe and the USA. Hence, Australia is looking to attract their best and brightest on student visas.  Undoubtedly, Australia has numerous distinguished universities at which to study. In addition, Australia is also seen to have good post-study work options available at the conclusion of qualification.

If you are considering the opportunities for study in Australia, or for that matter investment, remember, it is often very important to plot your course well in advance to make application a success and reflective of what your aims and ambitions might be.

Koffels Solicitors & Barristers provide visa and migrant advice to qualifying candidates, with assistance as to:  Student Visas,  Property, Skilled Labour Visas, and Significant Investor Visa applications, for those looking to come to Australia.

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