What Is An Institution In Cases of Institutional Abuse?

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What Is Institutional Abuse

What Is An Institution In Cases of Institutional Abuse?

An institution is an organisation that was founded for a religious, educational, professional, or social purpose.

Religious organisation

This can be any of the established religious institutions (the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Anglican Church, the Uniting Church and so on) or a religious order (the Marist Brothers, The Salvation Army, the Patrician Bros, the Jesuits and so on).

Educational organisation

This can be the public education system (whether it is primary or high school), which are managed by State governments.

The private/independent education system include the Catholic/Christian schools, schools run by the Jewish faith, Islamic schools and other the non-denomination schools.

Also included as an educational organisation are the military academies:

  • Royal Military College Duntroon, ACT
  • HMAS Cerberus, Victoria (the Naval academy).
  • The Australian Defence Force Academy, ACT

Professional institutional

A professional institution is an organisation or entity that serves a professional purpose. This encompasses the respective armed forces training facilities for training cadets.

Social purpose institutions

An institution created for a social purpose are organisations created to fulfil a need in society, such as adoption agencies, aged care facilities, homeless shelters or charitable organisations.

These institutions include religious charities, such as the St Vincents de Paul Society, Mission Australia, The Salvation Army and Anglicare.

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