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Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Institutional Child Sexual Abuse: Betrayal at the Hands of Those We Trusted

In another sad tale of abused children at the hands of trusted adults, swim instructor, Paul Frost, is currently under investigation for the grooming, indecent assault and aggravated sexual assault perpetrated against children between 1997 and 2009.

Sometimes the hardest part for victims can be that people holding the position of teacher or instructor, are held to be an authority figure, and in a position of trust and control over their victims. It is the classic example of someone trusted by students and parents alike.

To those for whom this resonates as something that happened to them, perhaps in another set of circumstances, this is the message that you are not alone. Times have changed and victims are believed, vindicated and compensated.

The consideration of making a claim is a hard first step to take, but the ones that follow get easier, and in the end many victims have burdens of misery taken from their shoulders and are able to live better lives as a result.

We will listen sympathetically and in confidence to your story, and fight for your rights to proper compensation for a life destroyed. All matters are mediated, and almost every matter settles as a result of the mediation process, so you do not have to face an open court if you do not wish to do so.

Call us. It only takes a moment in a lifetime, and it just might be the most positive action you take in that lifetime.

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