Meet the IR Global Real Estate Group

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Meet the IR Global Real Estate Group

Meet the IR Real Estate Group

Our members are leaders of the legal industry. They are proud to uphold the highest ethical standards and offer an unrivaled quality of service to clients all over the world.

Who are IR Global?

IR Global was founded in 2010 and has grown to become the largest practice area exclusive network of advisors in the world.

This incredible success story has seen the network receive recognition and be featured in a plethora of ranking and publications such as Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, the Financial Times, Lawyer 360, Thomson Reuters to name just a few.

IR Global, the future of professional services

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides advice to companies and individuals in over 155+ jurisdictions.

We are a community of like minded individuals and a global network which cultivates a giving mentality and putting the client’s needs first.

The traditional role of the adviser has changed and today businesses require more from their lawyer, accountant or business adviser. We are at the forefront of this transition and focus on providing results in consideration of long term strategic goals.

We believe the archaic ‘professional service firm’ model is dying due to it being insular, expensive and slow. In IR Global, forward thinking clients now have a credible alternative which is open, cost effective and flexible.

The Members


Members are subjected to a stringent vetting process upon joining. During this process we analyse firm reputation, rankings and gauge feedback from local IR members and connections in their jurisdiction. Finally a face to face meeting or conference call is set up to ensure the applicant is aware of group expectations and ethos.

Working Groups

IR has a strong focus on practice area expertise and regional knowledge, ensuring clients get the very best advice, no matter how niche the requirement. Within the group we have 12 working groups, each headed by a steering committee of experienced and innovative member firms from different countries around the world. Their role is to handle communication within the group, the coordination of multi-jurisdictional cases and most importantly, ensure businesses and individuals receive unrivaled quality of service and value.



The relationship between referrer and recipient is to be one of transparency and respect at all times. There is also a protocol in place for referring clients and best practices. More information can be found in the referral protocol chapter of the member handbook.


Why Use the IR Global Network?

Niche Expertise

Big Firm Experience


Cost Effective Billing

Close Cooperation

Speed of Response

Local Knowledge

Partner Led Advice

Personal Service


SPEAK with your own advisor for an introduction to another member

SEARCH via the website and identify the right advisor to fulfill your requirements

CONTACT the IR Global head office and speak with a member of the team for support.

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