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Lowy Lecture on International Affairs

Ross and Julia Koffel recently attended the Lowy Lecture on International Affairs presented by Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

In his keynote speech Mr Morrison set out his vision for Australia’s place in the global community, and the need for our economy to remain open to the opportunities of sound trade relations with our global partners.

Since becoming Prime Minister in August 2018, Scott Morrison has travelled extensively with an emphasis on the Asia Pacific nations, with his first visit to Indonesia, and his most recent being a State Reception in Washington.

As a middle power, Australia hits above its weight, and in a time of turmoil internationally, presents a consistent and reliable player politically, economically and culturally.  The Prime Minister has set his sights on building our trade relationships, maintaining consistency in our global stance, and focusing on the economic welfare and stability of Australia.

These are important messages for all those working in cross border practices, as we advise and negotiate on behalf of our client base.  Clearly, Australia is open for business.

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