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Kim Richard Harvey – Abuse in the Boy Scouts

Kim Richard Harvey was a former scout leader in Australia who faced charges related to child sexual abuse offenses. He was accused of molesting children in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. His case became known when multiple individuals came forward, reporting incidents of misconduct during scout activities. The alleged victims were primarily young boys who were members of his scout troop.

Allegations and Details

  • Nature of Allegations: Harvey was accused of inappropriate behavior, including indecent assault and other forms of sexual misconduct with young boys under his supervision during scout activities. These activities included camping trips, meetings, and other scout events.
  • Timeline of Abuse: The reported incidents occurred over several years, primarily during the 1980s and early 1990s. Multiple victims have come forward, sharing their experiences and the lasting impact of Harvey’s actions.
  • Pattern of Grooming: Like many abusers in positions of authority, Harvey allegedly used grooming techniques to gain the trust of his victims and their families. This included offering special attention, gifts, and isolating the victims from their peers.

Charges and Allegations:

    • Harvey was extradited from Queensland to Victoria to face 48 historic child sex offenses.
    • These offenses involved nine victims who were aged 11 to 16 at the time.
    • The charges included 28 counts of indecent assault, unlawful imprisonment, attempted buggery, attempted indecent assault, and other sex offenses against boys in Victoria.
    • He often plied his victims with alcohol, lollies, and pornography.
    • Harvey was notorious for asking mothers about the sexual activities of their teen sons, which raised significant concerns.
  1. Court Proceedings and Outcome:
    • During his bail application, Harvey made “general admissions” to police about the alleged crimes spanning from 1965 to 1980.
    • He claimed that he was “searching for love and relationships” but couldn’t control the darkness within him.
    • Magistrate Franz Holzer denied Harvey bail, considering the risk of reoffending.
    • Harvey pleaded guilty to 33 charges, including sexual penetration of minors, buggery, and indecent assault.
    • He was sentenced to 12 years and four months in prison, with a non-parole term of eight and a half years.
  2. Scope of Abuse:
    • Harvey’s predatory behavior led to the sexual abuse of 15 teenage boys in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs between 1974 and 1989.

Support for Survivors of Historic Institutional Child Sexual Abuse at the Hands of Kim Richard Harvey

Survivors of this perpetrators actions can seek redress and compensation. Legal assistance can provide the necessary support for justice, closure and compensation.

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At Koffels Solicitors and Barristers, we are committed to standing by survivors of the abuses of Kim Richard Harvey. Our dedicated historical institutional child sexual abuse team is here to help you through the legal process and receive the compensation you deserve.

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