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Institutions Blocking Legal Advice

Institutions are Actively Trying to Keep Claimants from Instructing Koffels, and we couldn’t be more flattered.

Koffels Solicitors & Barristers are achieving the highest and most consistent level of payouts in Australia, and needless to say the institutions are not happy with us. How do we do it?…

Koffels have taken a totally different approach when it comes to taking action against an institution for Childhood Sexual Abuse. The days of having to confront your abuser, or be intimidated by the institutions themselves as to your prospects for a successful claim are gone.

We are of the belief that our clients are fragile, show enormous courage to seek restitution, and need our protection in mediation or litigation processes. We stand between our claimant and the defending institution at all times. Also, we make sure that the decision of how our clients wish to proceed is a consultative process. Above all we ensure this occurs with their legal representative, not at the dictates of the defendants.

In the past claimants were often dissuaded from approaching either the police or legal representation. Additionally they were encouraged to deal with the institutions themselves as a viable process for a claim. We know that historically this has led to gross under payment of compensation under such processes as the Melbourne Response introduced by George Pell, and the abused individuals were invariably left with the feeling that they were bullied into signing off on inadequate compensation and locked into the secrecy of non-disclosure contracts. The after-taste was a bitter one.

Real Monetary Compensation

Koffels Solicitors calculate the real quantum of loss over a lifetime of potential earnings, along with the pain and suffering of the individual. There is no tokenism in the damages we seek on behalf of our clients. We get a real number derived from proper investigation, reports from the top experts and detailed documentation. Once we have this all collated we go in and fight hard for that proper reflection of the genuine loss our client have suffered. We do not just accept unrealistic offers for a quick reward.

This is how we have achieved the absolute top payouts across the country. The institutions don’t like us, and have actively sought to have us not instructed by claimants. We regard this as the best possible compliment we could have. In fact, this reflects the good work we do and the result we realise for our valued clients. We care and it shows.

If you are thinking about a claim, you can just talk to us about it in total confidence. You do not have to make a quick decision, but simply find out what your prospects might be. If you decide to proceed, we will support you in the pursuit. We know it isn’t easy, but we will fight for you all the way.

2 replies to Institutions Blocking Legal Advice

  1. Good to see you understand , there are still good people like you that care , my life was shattered at knox when i was 14 , it is really having an an effect on me now in my later years as you reflect on what could have been , keep on doing what you do , knox has to held to account , i was one who took a measley sum over a decade ago and signed that secret form , it all happened so quick , i was still in shock from all the headlines, and then within a few days nisbett had left country , i am proud to have you as my lawyers , if only everyone would stand up , my best friend is one of the silent ones, and i cant blame him , the church really like to play hard ball , which shows how much they really care

    1. We too at Koffels are proud to be able to support you through your legal journey, it’s an honour and a privilege.

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