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If Not Hong Kong, Where?

The world, as well as residents and business investors, are keeping a keen eye on the events unfolding in Hong Kong.  Similar to the issues generated by Brexit, the unknown is becoming a forecasting stumbling block.

Many businesses in the past have used the natural jumping off point provided by Hong Kong to further invest into Asia, but are now looking for alternative locations that will provide a greater degree of certainty going forward. Businesses and individuals are seeking alternative scenarios for their future investment, and looking to Sydney, Australia to fulfil their requirements.

Australia provides a secure, stable business environment for companies to set up, while still having ready access to Asian markets.  Australia is an Asia-Pacific nation, and so has close working ties with others in the region.

If you are considering the alternatives for your  headquarters and/or a business platform with a conduit to  accessing business throughout Asia,  Koffels Solicitors & Barristers are a commercial firm,  globally connected and have a strong track record of providing our clients with full service business support and  access to set-up throughout Asia and the world.

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