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George Pell Stays Where He Belongs

George Pell Stays Where He Belongs and Victims March On

Make no mistake, the Appeal denial regarding the sentencing of George Pell  has been a landmark decision for victims of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse everywhere.  No matter who or where they are, the law is getting stronger and stronger to take perpetrators to justice.

At Koffels we are truly relieved and encouraged by the judgement set down by the Court of Appeal in Victoria.  Apart from justice being seen to be done, this sends the rightful message to the defendants, that they will have to abandon their continued reticence to take responsibility for the tremendous harm done to children over generations of abuse.  Our society is no longer tolerant of such evasion, and the law is listening.

We know the countless stories of victims, and we know that this tells them they are not alone, not disbelieved, and not without the power to take a stand for a life destroyed.  They have a voice.

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