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Father Peter John O’Neill: The Story of Abuse

Father Peter John O’Neill, a former teacher, was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse against schoolboys during the 1980s. He admitted to six counts of indecent assault and one count of penetrative sexual abuse of a young person. The incidents occurred at three Tasmanian schools—Dominic College, Burnie High School, and St Virgil’s College. Despite the severity of his crimes, O’Neill received a five-year suspended sentence due to his health conditions, avoiding prison time.

Peter John O’Neill’s Professional Background

O’Neill worked as a teacher in Tasmania during the 1980s. His career was overshadowed by the child sexual abuse charges, with limited information available about his life before the allegations. The legal outcomes and their effects on the victims have been the focus of public attention.

Details on the Schools where Father Peter John O’Neill taught:

  • Dominic College:
    A co-educational Catholic institution in Glenorchy, Tasmania, offering education up to Year 10. The school has a rich history linked to the Salesian and Dominican orders. It provides a supportive environment for students but was one of the institutions where O’Neill committed his abuses.
  • Burnie High School:
    Located in Cooee, Tasmania, Burnie High School is a comprehensive secondary school for students in Years 7 to 12. Known for its focus on inclusivity and personal development, it became one of the places marked by O’Neill’s abusive actions.
  • St Virgil’s College:
    This Catholic day-school for boys in Austins Ferry and Hobart, Tasmania, is part of the Edmund Rice tradition. It provides education from Kindergarten to Year 12 and was another institution affected by O’Neill’s misconduct. St Virgil’s was also known for other convicted paedophiles, Brother Patrick Timothy Farrell and Brother John Climacus Kissane.

The Impact on Survivors

The abuse perpetrated by Father Peter John O’Neill had a profound impact on his victims, many of whom have struggled with the long-term effects of his actions. Survivors often face challenges in coming forward and seeking justice, but it is important to know that support and resources are available.

Steps to Take if You Are a Survivor

If you, or anyone you know, survived abuse at the hands of Father Peter John O’Neill, it’s crucial to know that you are not alone. Here are the steps you can take to begin your journey toward justice and compensation:

  1. Reach Out for Support: Contact Koffels Solicitors and Barristers for a free & confidential consultation. Our team will listen to your story, provide legal advice, and discuss your options for pursuing a claim.
  2. Gather Evidence: Collect any relevant evidence, such as documents, photographs, or witness statements, that can support your case. Our team will guide you through this process to ensure that all necessary information is obtained.
  3. File a Claim: With the assistance of our experienced solicitors, file a compensation claim against Father Peter John O’Neill. We will advocate holding the responsible parties accountable and secure the compensation you deserve.

Contact Koffels Solicitors and Barristers Today

At Koffels Solicitors and Barristers, we are committed to standing by survivors of Father Peter John O’Neill’s abuses and other institutions where abuse has occurred. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the legal process and achieve the justice and compensation you deserve.


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