Ex-Pupil Sues Knox Grammar for Child Sexual Abuse

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The Australian Knox Grammar Abuse

Olivia Caisley, (2019, April 10). Ex-pupil sues elite school for abuse. The Australian, Retrieved from https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/expupil-sues-elite-school-knox-grammar-for-alleged-abuse/news-story/7cdbe700c8e1d649c5020cdf2785433d

Having assisted many survivors of child sexual abuse and sexual assault over the pas 20 years, Mr Koffel is experienced at providing holistic and compassionate advice to his clients. We at Koffels are proud of the work we do and the ground breaking results we obtain for our clients. If you are a victim of institutional child sexual abuse, we believe we can give you the support and advice on obtaining proper compensation for which victims are truly entitled. Please call Ross on (02) 9283 5599, alternatively you may send him a private and confidential email to rosskoffel@koffels.com.au .

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