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Child Sexual Abuse Allegations at Launceston Church Grammar School

Seeking Witnesses – Historical Sexual Abuse Allegations at Launceston Church Grammar School

Koffels Solicitors & Barristers is actively seeking witnesses, including former boarders, students, and teachers, with crucial information regarding allegations of historical institutional child sexual abuse at Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania. Your assistance could prove vital in uncovering the truth and providing justice for survivors of these traumatic events.

The Child Abuse Allegations:

It is alleged that multiple incidents of sexual abuse took place at Launceston Church Grammar School between 1966 and 1970. The abuse was reportedly perpetrated by other students and boarders within the school. These distressing incidents occurred in the dormitories during the night time, in the showers, and on weekends within the school premises.

Your Contribution Matters:

If you have any information relating to sexual abuse at Launceston Church Grammar School during the specified period, we urge you to come forward and assist us in our investigation. By sharing your account, you can make a significant impact in supporting survivors of institutional child sexual abuse and help bring about vital recognition, compensation and the chance at a new life for those who may have struggled in silence for decades.

How You Can Get Involved:

To provide your valuable testimony or information, we offer two simple options:

Complete the form below: Fill out the dedicated form to share your account confidentially. Every detail you provide will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and privacy.

Contact Natalia Lapthorne, Special Counsel: If you prefer to speak directly, please call Natalia Lapthorne at (02) 9283 5599. Rest assured, your call will be obligation-free, and your confidentiality will be fully respected.

Your willingness to contribute can make a significant difference in our pursuit of justice. We appreciate your courage in coming forward and aiding our investigation.


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