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Abuse at St. Joseph’s Nudgee College – A Call for Witnesses

St. Joseph’s Nudgee College, established in 1891 by the Christian Brothers, holds a rich legacy. Initially a small boarding school for boys in Brisbane, Queensland, it grew into an institution known for its strong academic focus, sports, and cultural activities. The college’s tradition emphasizes discipline, community service, and faith-based education. Notable alumni include athletes, politicians, business leaders, and artists who have left their mark on Australian society.

The Abuse Allegations and Perpetrators

Stephen McLaughlin

Stephen McLaughlin, a former headmaster at Nudgee College, stands at the centre of allegations spanning decades. His actions involved child sexual abuse, and it took years for his dark side to be officially exposed. Eventually, he was convicted as a child sex offender, leaving a lasting impact on survivors and the college community.

Dennis Norman Douglas

Dennis Norman Douglas, associated with McLaughlin during the 1990s, faced his convictions for multiple child abuse offences. His actions tarnished the college’s reputation and highlighted the need for justice.

Brother John Regan

Brother John Regan, another former headmaster, allegedly physically abused two brothers during their time as boarders in the 1970s. Investigations continue to uncover the truth surrounding his actions, shedding light on a painful chapter in the college’s history.

Support for Survivors of Historic Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Survivors of these perpetrators’ actions can seek redress and compensation. They must be aware of the history and institutions involved. Legal assistance can provide the necessary support for justice and compensation.

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At Koffels Solicitors and Barristers, we are committed to standing by survivors of the abuses at St. Joseph’s Nudgee College. Our dedicated historical institutional child abuse team is here to help you through the legal process and achieve the compensation you deserve.

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