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A Timeline of the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre Abuse Inquiries

The John Oxley Youth Detention Centre in Brisbane, Australia, has been at the centre of serious child sexual abuse allegations. This article aims to provide survivors and interested parties with a consolidated timeline of events and inquiries to pursue justice and compensation.

Late 1980s: Initial Concerns

  • Allegations of abuse at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre first came to light, prompting internal scrutiny.
  • The centre caters to children placed in the care and control of the state, including serious offenders.

1989: The Heiner Inquiry Commences

  • The Heiner Inquiry began to investigate the allegations, including an alleged rape at the centre.
  • Allegations included children being left outside in winter in their underwear and handcuffed to a pool fence.

1990: The Heiner Inquiry Shut Down

  • The inquiry was prematurely terminated, and related documents were controversially destroyed.
  • This led to discussions about potential criminal conduct, such as interfering with the course of justice and destroying evidence.

1999: The Forde Inquiry Reports

  • The Forde Inquiry reported on several disturbances at the centre, including assaults by staff members against detainees and other serious allegations.
  • The report detailed major disturbances, assaults between detainees, self-harming behaviour, and escapes or attempted escapes.

2001: The Centre’s Closure

  • The John Oxley Youth Detention Centre was closed, and operations were transferred to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

Post-Inquiry: The Quest for Legal Recourse

  • Despite the Forde Inquiry’s findings, immediate legal action against individuals was not taken.
  • Survivors have sought justice through civil claims and compensation.

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