Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Areas of Practice Description

Koffels appear in all Australian jurisdictions handling litigation of contentious matters, including court actions, arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. We have litigation experience in wide range of courts from State Tribunals to High Court of Australia. In addition, the firm maintains relationships with experienced barristers who are able to conduct advocacy in any jurisdiction of the State or in any Federal Court as required.

We are well aware of our client’s need for their legal representation to be cost effective and are mindful of viable alternatives to litigation wherever possible. We understand the importance of commercial resolution and we try our best to provide both creative and pragmatic approach in response to each of clients’ unique circumstances.

The area of work includes:

  • Administrative Review
  • All forms of Arbitration and Mediation:
    • Arbitration relates mainly to contracts that require Arbitration in both Australia and overseas. This process is similar to traditional litigation.
    • Mediation is required in most types of litigation in all jurisdictions and becomes part of the litigation process. We are experienced in choosing suitable mediators, and in the preparation of and appearance at Mediations.
  • Building and construction litigation
  • Civil and Administrative Tribunal litigation including tenancy and lease disputes
  • Competition and Consumer Act related state legislation
  • Contractual Breach
  • Corporations Act
  • Corporations Law: all forms of litigation
  • Criminal law: both State and Federal in all courts
  • Debt Recovery
  • Family Law including dissolution, property disputes, defacto, financial agreements and same sex relationships
  • Insolvency, both personal and corporate including:
    • Liquidations
    • Bankruptcy
    • Receiverships
    • Administrations
    • Arrangements with Creditors
    • Disputes as to preferential and uncommercial transactions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interlocutory Applications in all jurisdictions
  • Partnership and Joint Venture disputes
  • Probate and Wills: Both as to validity of the Will itself and Family Provisions Act claims
  • Sports Law:
    • To not only Superior Courts but also to the Court of Arbitration for Sport
    • Dispute matters in all sports and appeals
    • Drug related articles
    • Actions related to accidents

We are also able to assist client in cross-border litigation for both commercial and criminal litigation. We have global capability and specialise in arranging overseas legal representation for clients in Australia who has litigation of contentious matter overseas. We use our membership with Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) and IR Global to connect our clients to over 1000 firms in 150 different legal jurisdictions. We can also assist in locating suitable experts for the client’s cross-border litigation.

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