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Who Gets Your Estate?

Who Gets Your Estate? – Perhaps Not Who You Think, Don’t Even Leave It To Chance

The primary issue in estate planning is ensuring that your wishes are carried out on your death. It is your property and you should be free to choose to whom it will be transferred on your death, right? Simply put you make a valid will specifying your wishes and appoint a person to carry this out. The reality is of course more complex.

Firstly, you […]

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PI: Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

As a major Personal Injury claimant firm in the area of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers note with great interest, the decision of the DPP to Appeal the Home Detention sentencing of Philip Wilson, the former Adelaide Archbishop.

Mr Wilson has been convicted of concealing child sex abuse but received  a sentence deemed to be inadequate in the view of the DPP, being one year home detention at the residence of his sister, with a 6 month […]

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