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Senior Associate


Senior Associate


“I understand that all trauma incidents and personal injury claims share some similarities, but all clients are individuals that walked their own journey to justice and recovery. I value all my clients and treat each as an individual. I understand that while the traumatic event may have passed, the physical and psychological trauma often stays leaving an ongoing impact on all aspects of the victim’s life. ”


“As a psychiatric nurse with 10+ years of front line nursing experience, in addition to being a personal injury lawyer; I have assisted hundreds of victims in their compensation claims since 2012. This experience has given me a true understanding of how physical and psychological trauma impacts a person’s day to day life.
While I understand that many of the clients I have assisted find the sense of “closure” or “justice” more valuable than the momentary compensation they have received; as a lawyer with greater understanding of the lifetime impact of physical and psychiatric injury, and their resulting complex psychiatric conditions, I can better relate to the ultimate needs of my clients. I use this understanding to facilitate their claims and fight for the best outcomes possible.”


“I have two bachelor of law degrees, one in China (Civil Law System) and one in Australia (Common Law System). I was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2016. I also completed a bachelor of nursing degree in between my two law degrees and graduated from Master of Health Law degree in Sydney University in 2023.
I am fluent in Chinese and is able to provide verbal and written advice in both Chinese and English. I am familiar with legal and medical terminology in both languages.
Importantly, my experience helps me to embrace the cultural differences and act as a bridge to unite, communicate and achieve positive outcomes in a multi-cultural practice.”

Testimony in Chinese



Sharon Cai 蔡律师说 : 人身伤害索赔是一场博弈,您需要专业的律师来为您争取最大的权益。




Chinese Personal Injury Compensation Service

Our lawyer speaks your language.

Australian law firm, Chinese speaking lawyers (Mandarin).

Sharon Cai is our Chinese Australian Solicitor who is enthusiastic in helping the members of the community in need.

Sharon said:

“Since 2012, I have helped hundreds of victims successfully claim compensation.  Making a civil claim against the person who injured you, or the organization that failed to protect you, is like going into a battlefield, and you need to have the best people on your side.

We are experts in handling complex and difficult claims. Our team has 30 years of experience in personal injury claims. We work closely with barristers and medical experts all around Australia.

Most Chinese who live in Australia are not familiar with the Australian legal system, especially in the area of personal injury compensation and the civil claim process. Cultural conflicts, language barriers, physical and psychological trauma often make the path to compensation very difficult.

As a personal injury compensation lawyer, I understand Chinese culture and the conflicts and needs Chinese clients may have when they encounter the Australian legal system. We are able to bring cultural awareness into our legal practice, and tailor litigation strategies for Chinese clients to achieve maximum compensation and justice.”


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