Greg Choat

Greg Choat

Special Counsel


“In assisting a client a lawyer should bring to the table a strong work ethic in order to gain a detailed understanding of the case, the technical competence to prosecute the case to a high standard, and an ability to convey accurate and honest advice to allow a client so to make informed decisions in their best interests.”


“Whilst it is true that what litigators or commercial lawyers do may often be characterised as maximising monetary gains for clients, it is not all that we do. Where money is the overwhelming priority for a client, advice can be tailored to meet that end. Other aims of litigation commonly include giving voice to a grievance, vindicating ones rights, and as a way of prying open institutions to reveal a truth that would otherwise be concealed. In my career, I have practiced as a family and general lawyer in a country town, and as a dedicated personal injury/negligence lawyer taking on large institutions and their insurance companies for more than a decade. I am familiar with the various aims people set out to achieve in the litigation process, and have the experience to meet those ends.”


“My practice since starting work in the law in 2003 has included work in NSW, Queensland, ACT and in the Federal jurisdiction. I have litigated in many and varied circumstances, including representing Aboriginal councils on Cape York, a solicitor charged with standards breaches, and scores of people suffering physical and psychiatric injuries. I have sued foreign companies from Australia, and sought to transfer a trial from Sydney to Istanbul. That broad experience, and the expert team at Koffels and its affiliates, means that I can engage in cross border matters with confidence.”