Fareed Qureshi

Fareed Qureshi



I have dedicated my career to working in litigation as it is the truest way for those who have been wronged to be vindicated. My goal is to ensure that clients feel seen, heard and empowered at every stage of their claim and are able to obtain not only compensation but a sense of closure on the conclusion of their matter.



I have worked with and advised small-to-medium businesses, multinational insurers and nation-wide service providers and consequently have a strong understanding of bringing value to clients as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Since joining Koffels I now bring this experience to bear in favour of individual clients who deserve the same level of excellence in service that defendant institutions expect to receive. 


Having lived and studied in six countries on opposing points on the globe, I have a diverse perspective and understand the cultural backgrounds that often inform clients’ approaches to receiving legal services, particularly in the context of sensitive litigation.