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Sport is big business, and the management of legal issues arising within the ambit of Sport Law are becoming increasingly more complex, varied and global in nature.

Both organisations and sports people are in increasing need for dependable and often immediate advice in resolution to a particular dispute, contract negotiations, and accidents.

This necessity is also no longer just local or regional in nature, but global; as sporting bodies travel and compete cross-border.

As members of IR Global and Lawyers Associated Worldwide, we are connected with our colleagues across the world dealing in the issues of both Sports People and Sporting Organisations.  Be it an issue locally or overseas, we can provide immediate assistance wherever and whenever required.

Koffels Solicitors & Barristers are a full service firm, with the capability to provide holistic support regardless of the concerns of our clients.

Areas of Support we can provide include:

  • Drafting and structuring of contractual arrangements, including employment  and  sponsorship;
  • Immediate support in the event of accident, jurisdictional disputes, or criminal prosecutions;
  • Insurance requirements for events, individuals and organisations;
  • Personal Injury claims both claimant and defendant based;
  • Leasing or venue hire;
  • Advice as to drafting, upholding or disputing sporting regulations/rules;
  • Corporate/Commercial advice in accordance with Australian regulations and cross-border;
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution;
  • Disciplinary proceedings including in  relationship to banned substances; and
  • Set-up for Clubs, Organisations and Businesses.

We have acted in a broad ranch of sporting endeavours, and our network has experienced practitioners specialising in sport law.  We can create a network of legal providers to call upon wherever you require assistance.

Ross Koffel is the Honorary Solicitor for the Porsche Club NSW, the Lamborghini Club NSW, and is a club representative to Motor Sport Australia (previously CAMS).  He is also the Honorary Solicitor for the Show Jumping Club NSW and holds a high profile in legal issues regarding Equestrian Sport, including Racing.   Additionally he has acted in regard to sporting injury across a wide range of sporting endeavours.