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To whom it may concern,

Koffels successfully represented me on a Damages Claim that we placed against an Institution that was remiss in their legal duties. The damage I sustained was a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, that has affected the prior 30 years of my adult life, unchecked. To add to my woes, subconsciously I had placed myself in a state of denial to the harms and atrocities that I was subjected to while in attendance at the school as a boy. There is no denying that the emotional stress encountered when I first raise my grievances and through the process of legal redress, was exhaustive, but necessary for me to experience the full benefit of confirming the harm caused to me by others, within the context of a legal setting. Throughout the matter, the Koffels Team gave me clear understanding of my legal rights, clear direction on the legal processes that needed to be followed, they were always sensitive of my concerns and they enabled me to have access to experts in associated disciplines to my needs. These are the deciding factors in our realising the successful outcome that we did, the benefit of which is the creation of closure on the matter for me. The gratitude I hold for the Koffels Team, for their professionalism and expertise on this matter is beyond words and I subsequently provide for you, my strongest recommendation to engage with their services if your need should arrive.

John and Christine OdellJohn and Christine OdellKoffels Solicitors & Barristers

As Edmund Burke said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. So when I saw you being interviewed on the 7.30 Report by Leigh Sales I knew we would not be silent any longer I knew you were our man when I saw you interviewed as you seemed ‘to get it’. I rang Koffels the next day, received a positive response from your office and an interview was promptly arranged. From the very first time we met you we were treated with respect, compassion and patience. We felt we were taken seriously. Even though we only met a few times in person throughout the two year process we felt well supported and informed. All Koffels staff were polite, prompt and professional. I know that no win no pay lawyers sometimes have a poor reputation in the community but without this form of arrangement average citizens are often without recourse to justice from the law as costs are so prohibitive. Many friends suggested we should go to a more prominent firm and that ‘no win no pay lawyers’ are somehow second rate outfits. Your firm is a champion for the underdog. The Church is a legal, financial and political juggernaut with seemingly unlimited resources. A David and Goliath battle if you will. Litigious action seems to get a bad rap with the public however there was no other legal vehicle by which to hold the Church/Marist Brothers to account.

We found Frank Tuscano to be a fabulous champion to have on our side. We only met him once in his chambers one week prior to the mediation but we liked him immediately. He was straight talking, friendly, reassuring and having a strong command of the brief. Everything that he said would happen came to fruition, all as he predicted it would. We are fans of Frank. What a wonderful, skilled advocate to have fighting the good fight.

Stephen Dixon was also a wonderful advocate. He was calm, patient, accessible and compassionate. He was always measured, reliable and knowledgeable. We appreciated his wise advice and counsel. Kayla Lance was also ever gracious.

John and I were also impressed with the mediation process. Richard Weinstein oozed confidence, professionalism and humanity within a formal process. We knew instantly he could be trusted. Thus it was not surprising that with all you wonderful advocates that the day concluded with such a magnificent outcome with a minimum of trauma. It really felt like a moral victory, with good triumphing over evil and the truth prevailing.

You are all to be congratulated on the outcome which is a significant financial outcome for us, more than we had hoped for. The money has been shared with Peter’s family. We remain deeply indebted to you all and have appreciated the kindnesses shown to us. You cannot really know how much this ‘win’ has meant to us personally, to allow the matter to pass peacefully into history. The story has come full circle to an ending that seems right and just.

We will certainly recommend your firm's services to any other child sex abuse victims that we may encounter particularly as the criminal matter unfolds. Thank you Ross, we wish you all good health and prosperity at Koffels. You can be rightly proud of your people.

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