Mariana Sandoval

Mariana Sandoval

Senior Associate


Empathy and honesty are the strong values that I have adhered to in my work in the legal industry over the last 20 plus years. During this time I have assisted countless injured clients to seek and receive, the just compensation they deserve.

It is these values that continue to give me the strength to advocate on behalf of my clients, who deserve to be heard, deserve to have their pain and suffering acknowledged, and deserve to be properly compensated.


As a solicitor, I have worked for both Plaintiffs and Defendants; and in my previous working life as a paralegal, I was also involved in the representation of members of the largest trade union in Australia, in their claims for compensation. I am well accustomed to the business of fighting the good fight on behalf of clients.

I use this knowledge to develop strategies to my client’s advantage, knowing how Defendants think and behave; guiding my clients through the complexities of the legal process, and ensuring they receive maximum compensation for their claim.


Australia is a multicultural country and so is the Koffels’ client base. As such, you have to be prepared to support clients of diverse nationalities, cultures and perspectives . No one client is the same, and you often have to adapt the way you approach a client’s needs. Being fully bi-lingual and having embraced the demands of cultural diversity, I am used to dealing with non-English speaking clients. It is a pleasure to help such clients navigate the Australian legal system.

Mariana is Fluent in both written and spoken Spanish.