Hunter McInnes

Hunter McInnes

Senior Associate


“My goal as a Lawyer is to listen to my client, explain the legal problems they may face, and provide the best steps to resolve it. I appreciate that when engaging a lawyer, a client may have a fear of the uncertainty involved. No outcome is guaranteed, but I always aim to provide a helping hand to assist clients to have an understanding of the issues, the importance of the decisions to be made, and the likely end result.”


“Having worked across a broad client base including private clients, institutions and the Union movement in all areas of litigation, I know that my focus must always remain as results driven. Giving a helping hand, and getting the best possible result for all my clients as it relates to them, is my priority.”


“Over the last 4 decades I have practised not only in Australia, but also in Ireland.  In that time, I have gained wide-ranging experience in personal injury litigation across multi jurisdictions on behalf of the injured, and have gleaned an acute understanding of the needs of people across all walks of life and cultures.

Having worked extensively in cross border work in Europe while in my own legal practice,   I especially value being in the setting of the global network provided by Koffels.  It gives the added support of knowing that we have capacity for wherever that expertise is required in our multi-cultural society.”



Admitted Solicitor able to practice in New South Wales, Queensland, Republic of Ireland, England and Wales.