Barbara Ventriglia

Barbara Ventriglia



Courage, honesty and integrity are the core values I have always stood by in my professional career in order to deliver effective legal services to my clients.

My commitment to advocating for the rights of abused people has been a major driver in my professional career.


With over ten years of experience with psychologically injured persons in both large and small firms, I have always encouraged my clients to step out of their comfort zone and to claim what was rightfully theirs.

I am proactive, thorough and efficient when it comes to litigation as I understand the importance of cases from the day of the initial conference, to helping my clients navigate through the litigation process without feeling overwhelmed.

I strive to achieve the best legal outcome for my clients.


Being raised in Italy and in the United Kingdom, I have an innate ability to build relationships with people with multi-ethnic backgrounds.

Living abroad has taught me how to embrace cultural differences and how to adopt some of the ways of thinking of different cultures in my day to day work which has been invaluable for my professional development.

I am fluent in Italian and able to provide verbal and written advice in both Italian and English.


Diploma in Law
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), B.Com
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, GDLP