Alex Tees

Alex Tees

Senior Associate

Areas of practice: Family Law, Wills & Estates, Commercial & Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Migration Law, Information Technology Law, and Criminal Law


Regardless of the specific area of law, knowledge across a broad range of other practices, is so often an enhancement to successful results. There is often a cross over between areas of law requiring a practitioner to be able to relate one with the other. Matters of Family Law for example, often require a knowledge of corporate structuring, estates, property or cross-border issues. These are skills garnered over time, and I take great personal satisfaction in using that experience to the greater benefit of my clients.


With a broad depth of experience in providing benefit to commercial organisations, I focus on commercial realities to ensure the solutions provided are viable for my clients. My experience includes Commercial, Civil and Criminal litigation, Corporate Management, Business Reconstruction, Employment, IT Law and Industrial Relations Law, as well as having a strong background in Estates and Family Law. Business is not one dimensional, nor is the practice of law.


With the high migrant population in Australia, Koffels is uniquely suited to act in matters that have a need for cross-border jurisdictional support. Family Law and Estate matters in particular, often involve property or shares in jurisdictions outside of Australia, and we have an extensive global network to support our client base wherever and whenever the need arises. This is a component that very few of our peers are able to provide, giving us the “can do” edge to our services.