Why trust Koffels with my abuse compensation claim?


All of the members of our personal injury and abuse team have a good understanding of the difficulties faced by people who have survived trauma in their past. When you contact us, you will be treated with dignity and respect.  The utmost confidentiality is maintained on all enquires. We understand how this can be a difficult time and a period of crisis and it is not easy to trust in others when expressing with sexual abuse history.

We’re not your usual lawyers

We are not your usual run-of-the-mill-lawyers. We have a deep understanding of the impact that incidents of abuse can have on individuals. Additionally, we are very experienced in dealing with abuse cases and will do everything in our power to make the legal process as simple as possible. In fact, we will strive to recover the full amount of compensation for which you are entitled. Our firm believes it is an honour to stand up and be a voice for those who have been wronged.

We take care of our clients

Ensuring our clients have access to the utmost in care is our commitment. Furthermore we collaborate with various professionals including medical specialists, counselling services and family members to ensure our clients receive the greatest care over the course of our the legal journey.

We’re accessible around the clock

Our solicitors will meet with clients at any time of the day or night. This includes meetings at the client’s home.