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Former De La Salle Revesby Student Awarded $1.5 Million for Child Sexual Abuse

On 5 October 2018, the Supreme Court of New South Wales entered Judgment in favour of a Plaintiff who was the victim of child sexual abuse in the amount of $1,548,488.75 plus costs. Judgment The Judgment was adopted from the findings of former Judge of the District Court of New South Wales and Justice of the ACT Supreme Court, Ms Margaret Sidis. Also, Ms Sidis was...

Sexual Abuse Reporting

Average Abuse Report Time – 20 Years

The average time to report abuse is 20 years, so how much time do you actually have to lodge a claim? For over 300 years there has been a time limit imposed on anyone who wanted to take action in a court to enforce their legal rights. There are sound reasons to have time limits. People need to have certainty in how they conduct their...

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National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme

Is the National Redress Scheme Working for Victims of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse? At this point in time the answer is quite possibly no. It was reported by Miki Perkins, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, that at least 10 applicants for the Redress Scheme sadly passed away before they were paid as they were not processed in time.  The backlog appears to remain, and many...

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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse

No One is Above the Law

No One is Above the Law: Catholic Priests face Fines or Imprisonment if they do not report their knowledge of the abuse of a child as related to them in the act of Confession The Royal Commission into Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard extensive evidence of shocking historical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church over a five year period between 2013 and 2017. In 2017...

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Where Evil Resides Sexual Abuse

Where Evil Resides, Evil Acts

Where Evil Resides, Evil Acts People often ask us if the church or posh schools are the only institutions we act against in matters of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.  The answer is a definitive “No!” In today's’ Sydney Morning Herald we have read an article by their crimes reporter, Sally Rawsthorne, about the allegations of sexual acts with a twelve year old child, laid against Raymond...

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Reopen closed claim

Reopening Settled Abuse Claims

I Settled My Abuse Claim - Can I Re-Open It? The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse brought these matters to the forefront of public knowledge and understanding. For the many people who lived with the consequences of that abuse the fight has often been going on for many years. Many people who suffered made claims for compensation. Many of these claims were settled before the...

Salvation Army Abuse

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in a snapshot: 4,029 survivors of child sexual abuse gave evidence to the Royal Commission in private sessions into abuse in religious institutions 294 gave evidence about abuse in Salvation Army institutions (7.3%) Of those 73.1% were male and 26.9% were female. Average age at the time they were first abused – 10.3 years...

Contractor or Employee

Is Your Contractor an Employee?

Employment Law: Is Your Contractor an Employee? If you get it wrong, what are the penalties? The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) often issues guidelines for Employers to better understand the relationship they may have with their workers. It is important to get this relationship right from day one. Here are their six (6) basic questions to ask to help determine whether or not your worker...

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Business Purchase Sale

Guide to the Sale and Purchase of a Small Business

What is a Small  Business: In Australia, businesses with less than 20 employees, or a turnover of less than AU$2 million per annum, are generally classified as small businesses.  Small businesses account for almost 98% of businesses in Australia, and 35% of Australia’s gross domestic profit, employing 44% of Australia’s workforce. Regardless of a vendor’s reason for selling a business, for a purchaser,  especially an inexperienced...

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Salvation Army Sexual Abuse

Salvation Army Boys Homes

The Salvation Army Boys Homes in New South Wales and Queensland The Salvation Army operations in Australia are divided in those of the Eastern Territory (Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT) and the Southern Territory (Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory). Additionally, the Salvation Army has long maintained a respected position in Australian society. As a charity and a church it engages...

Investor Visa Australia

Australian Migration for Investors

Australian Investor Visa With one of the world’s most sought after living environments, favourable climates, great education opportunities, well developed markets, safety for women and political security and proximity to Asia, Australia continues to be the first choice of destination for emigration and investment for high net worth individuals from Asia (especially China) and other parts of the world, followed by US, Canada and the...

koffels lowy institute scott morrison

Lowy Lecture on International Affairs

Ross and Julia Koffel recently attended the Lowy Lecture on International Affairs presented by Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. In his keynote speech Mr Morrison set out his vision for Australia’s place in the global community, and the need for our economy to remain open to the opportunities of sound trade relations with our global partners. Since becoming Prime Minister in August 2018, Scott Morrison has...

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Church Sexual Abuse

What is a Destroyed Life Worth

What is a life Destroyed by Institutional Sexual Abuse of a Child Worth? What goes on behind the scenes in an Institutional Child Sexual Abuse matter? Plenty! It has recently been reported in The Age that a “Landmark” settlement of approximately $3 Million inclusive of costs had been achieved against the Catholic Church for abuses perpetrated against a child in the confessional by serial paedophile priest...

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Paul Frost

Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Institutional Child Sexual Abuse: Betrayal at the Hands of Those We Trusted In another sad tale of abused children at the hands of trusted adults, swim instructor, Paul Frost, is currently under investigation for the grooming, indecent assault and aggravated sexual assault perpetrated against children between 1997 and 2009. Sometimes the hardest part for victims can be that people holding the position of teacher or instructor,...

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Investment Visa Australia


澳洲投资移民签证:要成功,您必须从一开始就做对 要成功申请移民签证一向需要精细的铺排,这对于投资移民签证来说更是尤其重要,包括重大投资者移民签证。 此类投资移民签证的申请过程繁复,对申请经验及相关知识有一定要求。 Ross Koffel ,是澳洲悉尼 Koffels Solicitors & Barristers 律师事务所的主席,同时也是该所的事务律师及持牌移民顾问 (持牌编号:0006391)。 他的专业知识给予我们的移民客户在其移民申请中占尽了优势。 我们对客户的服务是整体性的,从给予移民协助到法律咨询,我们致力为客户在澳州落地生根及建立家庭。 我们对客户提供的服务不可与一般持牌移民顾问所提供的标准服务相提并论,我们提供给客户的服务是量身定制及独一无二的。 我们有以中文为母语的律师,包括广东话及普通话,并具备跨境经验以服务全球性客户的需求。 我们联系澳洲当地,并能就当地政府对移民及法律方面的要求向您提供指导及协助,以助您悠然过渡。 我们相信没有其他东西胜过拥有本土知识并能助您跨越文化鸿沟。 如果现在对您来说是时候考虑投资移民或申请重大投资者移民签证,我们的服务绝对是澳洲移民行业中的金牌标准。 在加密情况下联系本所或致电 (02) 9283 5599 此加密表格将按保密原则把您的讯息直接传递到本所的执行主席 ...

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Investment Visa Australia

Investment Visas for Australia

Investment Visas for Australia: To be successful, you need to get it right the first time Visa applications always require a meticulous approach to be successful, and this is doubly important with Investment Visas, including Significant Investor Visas. The application process for such visas is a sophisticated one, requiring a knowledgeable and an experienced touch. Ross Koffel, the Principal of Koffels Solicitors & Barristers, is both...

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Investment Visa Australia


澳洲投資移民簽證:要成功,您必須從一開始就做對 要成功申請移民簽證一向需要精細的舖排,這對於投資移民簽證來說更是尤其重要,包括重大投資者移民簽證。 此類投資移民簽證的申請過程繁複,對申請經驗及相關知識有一定要求。 Ross Koffel,是澳洲悉尼Koffels Solicitors & Barristers 律師事務所的主席,同時也是該所的事務律師及持牌移民顧問 (持牌編號:0006391)。 他的專業知識給予我們的移民客戶在其移民申請中佔盡了優勢。 我們對客戶的服務是整體性的,從給予移民協助到法律咨詢,我們致力為客戶在澳州落地生根及建立家庭。 我們對客戶提供的服務不可與一般持牌移民顧問所提供的標準服務相提並論,我們提供給客戶的服務是量身定制及獨一無二的。 我們有以中文為母語的律師,包括廣東話及普通話,並具備跨境經驗以服務全球性客戶的需求。 我們聯繫澳洲當地,並能就當地政府對移民及法律方面的要求向您提供指導及協助,以助您悠然過渡。 我們相信沒有其他東西勝過擁有本土知識並能助您跨越文化鴻溝。 如果現在對您來說是時候考慮投資移民或申請重大投資者移民簽證,我們的服務絕對是澳洲移民行業中的金牌標準。 在加密情況下聯繫本所或致電 (02) 9283 5599 2. 此加密表格將按保密原則把您的訊息直接傳遞到本所的執行主席 ...

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