Erica Bosloper

Commercial Litigation: Erica brings in excess of 10 years  experience as a dispute practitioner.



Erica has a broad range of experience representing clients in the Supreme Court, District Court, Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and the Local Court on a regular basis. Her clients include companies, business owners, builders, contractors, and individuals.  Her practice is focused on advising and assisting clients to best resolve disputes and assess commercial risks.  She is highly skilled in representing her clients both in informal pre-litigation negotiations, and in Court and Tribunal proceedings.

Erica’s other practice areas include Insolvency & Restructuring, Debt Recovery and Wills & Estates / Contested Wills Claims. She acts for both business and individual clients and assists with assessing their circumstances, providing advice to her clients and negotiating with Trustees and other parties involved in a prospective bankruptcy or liquidation.

Erica comes originally from a tax background having worked at Ernst & Young for several years and brings this unique perspective and insight to her work at Koffels.

Erica has a unique ability to communicate complex legal matters into plain English and shows a high level of professionalism and level of care with providing practical legal advice.



“To strive for excellence in resolving the unique concerns of our clients. ”


“ My goal is always to focus on the avoidance of costly  litigation wherever possible, by providing accurate, timely advice  to assist in managing commercial risks;  and by engaging other parties at an early stage to explore amicable resolutions to disputes.”


“Globalisation touches us all, and increasingly so in the legal community where our ability to work efficiently across borders on behalf of our client base, has become paramount within the profession. ”



Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business Administration

Master of Laws

Stephen Dixon

Stephen has over 25 years of experience both as a Solicitor and Barrister appearing in NSW and Federal Courts over a broad range of legal practice.


“Engendering trust and confidence through good clear communication is paramount; and then to bring my years of experience to fulfil that confidence with the best possible result for my clients.”


“Applying attention to detail, sound preparation and a commitment to core legal principles creates the foundation on which results are based. Intention is not enough, a meticulous focus on the end goal is key.”


“It’s a shrinking world and the clients we represent can always know that we are there to assist regardless of their jurisdictional issues. The human condition is without borders.”

Some of Stephen’s work:

  • Personal Injury claims including; Civil Liability, brain damage, sexual abuse, quadriplegia ,motor accident, public liability work, common law damages and medical negligence claims.
  • Appearances in Coronial Enquires
  • Insurance and contractual disputes
  • Strata title matters for Owners Corporations,
  • Building & Construction matters relating to defective building works, warranty and payment disputes.
  • Equine law involving syndicate management agreements, buying, selling and leasing of horses for owners and trainers.
  • Plaintiff and Defendant work including complex civil, commercial claims for major property damages claims

Manon Fontaine

Personal Injury, Health, and Medical Law


Being a lawyer is a complex job, requiring many qualities. If I had to choose a fundamental one, it would be integrity. A good lawyer must be upstanding; here is the guarantee for his client of a quality relationship allowing the defence of his interests in the best way.


Making each client a full-fledged person seems essential to me not to fall into a “routine”.

We must constantly question ourselves in order to continue evolving every day and give our clients the best.


Undoubtedly, fluency in English is essential for a lawyer today, no matter the country in which you practice. As a foreign lawyer, gaining experience in an English speaking, Common Law country broadens your scope and fundamental understanding of alternate legal systems. It allows you to be comfortable with both Civil Law and Common Law systems, and to share the knowledge of legal approaches outside Australia.   It is an incredible opportunity, and can only enhance the service provided to clients with cross border requirements. Our industry is a global one and we need to be global practitioners.


Paris Bar, Institute for Judicial Studies Paris Descartes Entrance

Master of Law Paris Descartes University: Health Law & Medical Liability

Bachelor of Laws: Private Law

Min Hur

Commercial lawyer, experienced in representing overseas based multinational companies operating in Australia as well as providing commercial advice to Australian businesses and individuals.


“I believe that listening and understanding the needs of my clients is the most important aspect of being a good lawyer”


“I have a good understanding of the underlying taxation and commercial elements of a transaction and take this into consideration when providing an advice. This allows me to assist the client in making the most cost effective decision.”


“I was born in Korea and raised in Australia. My background allows me to understand the needs of both communities and provide the conduit to bridge the two. The world needs more bridges.”

Some of Min’s work:

  • Represented a leading Australian retail chain with over 60 retail stores in relation to its operations in Australia. The work has included advising on the corporate structure and setting up of finance facility
  • Represented a leading Korean retail chain with over 40 retail stores in relation to its employment contracts and employee management in Australia
  • Advised multinational manufacturer in relation to protection of Intellectual Property and Trade Mark disputes. Consideration of parallel importation issues and corporate structure advice relating to company operations in Asia Pacific
  • Assisted in Supreme Court proceedings, Equity Division for claim exceeding AUD 50million in relation to high profile dispute between US based distributor and Australian based multinational franchise. The work involved discovering evidentiary materials and preparation for Hearing
  • Assistance in public real estate development company in high profile dispute, Supreme Court Construction List in relation to contractual dispute claim in excess of AUD $30 million against Australia’s largest private construction company. Work included preparation of evidence and extensive discovery of documents for the proceedings
  • Provision of employment and migration advice for leading European based device manufacture in relation to its operations in Australia
  • China based negotiations regarding commercial dispute. Completed on submission on freezing order of AUD $2million and advised on issues of recovering unauthorised bank funds transfer

Saada Iskandar

Conveyancing Co-ordinator with the day to day management of conveyancing matters, sales & purchases, from exchange to settlement and Legal Litigation Secretary supporting Senior Associate.


“I understand that buying & selling property is a major life event which can be exciting and rewarding but can also be daunting. My satisfaction comes from taking the worry and stress out of the settlement process by sticking to deadlines and keeping clients informed every step of the way.”


“I really enjoy the phone call to the client when settlement is complete. To be able to tell them they either own a home or have made money on their investment is a great feeling!”


“I get to work with overseas client’s investing in properties in Australia. It represents a part of their life, either establishing in Australia, investing in our booming property market, or maybe providing a safe haven for a child studying in Australia. They come from all over the world.”

Some of Saada’s work:

  • Client transfer of residential property from joint names to single name in accordance with Family Law Orders
  • Coordination of transactions for insolvency practitioners selling properties as trustee for bankrupt estates
  • Coordinated process for purchasers buying investment properties through their self- managed super fund
  • Management of transaction on behalf of client purchasing $11.5 million NSW residential property
  • Coordination for purchasers buying investment properties off the plan in NSW, Qld and Western Australia
  • Support to purchasers and vendors buying and selling properties in NSW & QLD