Personal Injury, Health, and Medical Law


Being a lawyer is a complex job, requiring many qualities. If I had to choose a fundamental one, it would be integrity. A good lawyer must be upstanding; here is the guarantee for his client of a quality relationship allowing the defence of his interests in the best way.


Making each client a full-fledged person seems essential to me not to fall into a “routine”.

We must constantly question ourselves in order to continue evolving every day and give our clients the best.


Undoubtedly, fluency in English is essential for a lawyer today, no matter the country in which you practice. As a foreign lawyer, gaining experience in an English speaking, Common Law country broadens your scope and fundamental understanding of alternate legal systems. It allows you to be comfortable with both Civil Law and Common Law systems, and to share the knowledge of legal approaches outside Australia.   It is an incredible opportunity, and can only enhance the service provided to clients with cross border requirements. Our industry is a global one and we need to be global practitioners.


Paris Bar, Institute for Judicial Studies Paris Descartes Entrance

Master of Law Paris Descartes University: Health Law & Medical Liability

Bachelor of Laws: Private Law