Erica Bosloper

Senior Associate

Commercial Litigation: Erica brings in excess of 10 years  experience as a dispute practitioner.


Erica has a broad range of experience representing clients in the Supreme Court, District Court, Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and the Local Court on a regular basis. Her clients include companies, business owners, builders, contractors, and individuals.  Her practice is focused on advising and assisting clients to best resolve disputes and assess commercial risks.  She is highly skilled in representing her clients both in informal pre-litigation negotiations, and in Court and Tribunal proceedings.

Erica’s other practice areas include Insolvency & Restructuring, Debt Recovery and Wills & Estates / Contested Wills Claims. She acts for both business and individual clients and assists with assessing their circumstances, providing advice to her clients and negotiating with Trustees and other parties involved in a prospective bankruptcy or liquidation.

Erica comes originally from a tax background having worked at Ernst & Young for several years and brings this unique perspective and insight to her work at Koffels.

Erica has a unique ability to communicate complex legal matters into plain English and shows a high level of professionalism and level of care with providing practical legal advice.



“To strive for excellence in resolving the unique concerns of our clients. ”


“ My goal is always to focus on the avoidance of costly  litigation wherever possible, by providing accurate, timely advice  to assist in managing commercial risks;  and by engaging other parties at an early stage to explore amicable resolutions to disputes.”


“Globalisation touches us all, and increasingly so in the legal community where our ability to work efficiently across borders on behalf of our client base, has become paramount within the profession. ”


Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business Administration

Master of Laws