Sally Cox

Sallyanne Cox

Solicitor, LL.B


Every client presents with a unique situation and should be treated as such.   Sally is a dedicated practitioner with strong abilities to listen, extract information and analyse.   She brings a high level of attention to detail to all matters.  Having studied law, politics and public relations, she understands that clear, effective communication is paramount.


With a background in insurance law, Sally understands the gravity of litigation and the importance of a just, quick and commercially viable resolution.  Having the knowledge and confidence to navigate the legal system in an efficient and effective manner, Sally brings a measured approach to handling litigation matters to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


Conflict, trauma and injury have no regard for neat jurisdictional boundaries.  They affect people from all walks of life.  In an interconnected world, it is essential to be able to find creative solutions to diverse legal issues across boarders and jurisdictions.