There has been increased publicity regarding the proposed Government Redress Scheme to compensate victims of institutional child sexual abuse under a capped formula.  Some welcome the news as a public acknowledgement of this insidious issue; others more cynically might look at it as a furtive measure to contain the spiralling cost from the growing avalanche of claims.

While some may consider that this is a suitable avenue for them to follow, it is the experience of our firm that settlements we have achieved for our clients have been a multiple of the proposed capped scheme.   Koffels act in dozens of matters regarding  Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and have achieved some of the largest payouts in the country for our clients.

If you are considering whether or not you would pursue an independent action, or take up the offer of a redress scheme in the future, the first thing to do is to find out what the possible outcome of a legal claim might be.  That way your decision is an informed one.  Do not be led into believing that one size fits all and that there is a fixed cap on your lifetime experience.

Your call will be taken in the strictest confidence, understanding and respect for privacy.  Make your decision an informed one.