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Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

Our membership in the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors is a further commitment to providing our business clients with the utmost support and expertise in corporate commercial transactions on a global scale.

The Alliance of M&A Advisors® (The Alliance) is the Premiere International Organization serving the educational and transactional support needs of middle market M&A professionals worldwide.

The Alliance was formed in 1998 to connect CPAs, attorneys, and other experienced corporate financial investors and advisors.  They currently have more than 1,000+ professionals that are among the most highly recognized leaders in the industry—drawing upon proven capital resources combined with a think-tank of transactional expertise to better serve the many business investment needs of middle market companies worldwide.

Alliance Members represent corporate and institutional sellers and buyers of businesses ranging broadly from $5 to $500 million in transaction value. These essential corporate financial advisory and transaction services include investment banking, accounting, finance, valuation, tax, law, and due diligence.

The Alliance of M& A Advisors has a Membership network that spans 25 different countries.  Our firm membership provides networking and resources for our domestic, international, and cross-border M&A Practice.

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In 2014 Koffels made the decision to further expand their global reach, having been approached by IR Global to be their Australian legal representative for Corporate Law. A multi-discipline network of lawyers, accountants and other professional services providers, IR Global broadens the base from which Koffels can provide extensive advice and support whenever and wherever our clients may require.

Based in the UK, with over 800 members, IR Global represents over 150 jurisdictions in over 70 unique practice areas. Their focus is on international networking, supporting business opportunities through the exchange of global updates and linking recognised professionals around the globe. This in turn allows Koffels to provide this knowledge and these connections to our client base, providing opportunities for informed decision making in cross border transactions.

Annual meetings are held in London, and then mid-year alternate meetings are held in selected locations allowing different jurisdictions to be explored and provide face to face exchanges of opportunities on behalf of both the firm and our clients. IR provides an on-going information process that ensures that Koffels remains at the cutting edge of global affairs and stays connected to leaders in the profession around the world.

IR is one of the fastest growing networks of its type in the world, providing introductions, information, opportunities, advice and business support around the globe. Clearly with the goal of bringing people and business together, the addition of our membership in IR Global is an invaluable aid in assisting us to better support our client base and offer them the opportunity to connect wherever their business demands.

Minimising Corporate Liability: Advice from Outside Counsel publication we have created in conjunction with the ACC

Members since 1994

Koffels are a leading member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) – an international organisation made up of over 95 law firms in over 50 countries. Through this association we work with leading local law firms that understand the legal and commercial issues unique to their jurisdiction.

As an association, LAW annually holds both Regional and Sub-Regional meetings as well as their world wide AGM. The location of these meetings is held in different jurisdictions around the world on a rotating basis to promote understanding of legal regulations throughout the network and camaraderie amongst members. Regular attendance is mandatory, so members have a current knowledge, exchange of ideas and relationship with their global associates. The firms are independent, but linked by these personal associations and exchange of work.