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Former De La Salle Revesby Student Awarded $1.5 Million for Child Sexual Abuse

On 5 October 2018, the Supreme Court of New South Wales entered Judgment in favour of a Plaintiff who was the victim of child sexual abuse in the amount of $1,548,488.75 plus costs.
The Judgment was adopted from the findings of former Judge of the District Court of New South Wales and Justice of the ACT Supreme Court, Ms Margaret Sidis. Ms Sidis was appointed through the Court’s referral process (20.14 to 20.24 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005) […]

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Common Reporting Standards CRS

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is the single global standard for the collection, reporting and exchange of financial account information on foreign tax residents. Banks and other financial institutions will collect and report to us financial account information on non-residents using the standard. We will exchange this information with the participating foreign tax authorities of those non-residents. In parallel, we will receive financial account information on Australian residents from other countries’ tax authorities. This will help ensure Australian residents […]

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China Business Forum

Ross Koffel attended the annual Sydney China Business Forum at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, as presented by the University of Sydney China Studies Centre.  This years’ focus was on smart cities, and how China is developing new technology and programs to address  infrastructure, communications, social and environmental issues across their massive population and geography.
Comparisons with similar programs being initiated in Australia for such things as renewable energy sources, water conservation and soil regeneration were presented by representatives […]

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Bullying In Equestrian Sport

Whether physical, verbal, social or online, bullying causes real harm to those targeted and significantly affects well being. It can occur anywhere – in school. on the sporting field, in the workplace or home – and in a myriad of ways. Reports of bullying in the equestrian world – both on the yard and the competition field – are becoming increasingly common, but is this truly a reflection of an industry where poor conduct is viewed as acceptable or […]

Koffels Solicitors & Barristers – Sydney

We’re a firm located in Sydney, which is a city of about five million people. We are a corporate and commercial firm and we act for both local companies as well as foreign countries that wish to invest in Australia.
We also carry out work in real estate, sport law, family law and wills and estates and these areas are often cross border issues because Australia is a multi cultural country and a lot of the residents in Australia have […]

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Who Gets Your Estate?

Who Gets Your Estate? – Perhaps Not Who You Think, Don’t Even Leave It To Chance

The primary issue in estate planning is ensuring that your wishes are carried out on your death. It is your property and you should be free to choose to whom it will be transferred on your death, right? Simply put you make a valid will specifying your wishes and appoint a person to carry this out. The reality is of course more complex.

Firstly, you […]

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