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More Than Just Tariffs

Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (“KAFTA”) entered into force on 12 December 2014.

This agreement did not just contain provisions for the removal of tariffs for the trade in goods it also aims to eliminate other barriers which impedes on the trade relationship between the two countries.
Set out below are a few of the significant behind-the-border barriers which KAFTA provisions have addressed.
Trade in services
Australian financial services providers may:

establish a commercial presence or acquire institutions in [...]

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Do Parents of Children Abused at School Have a Claim for a Refund of Fees?

A woman has recently spoken publicly about being refunded the tuition fee’s she spent sending her son to an elite private school in Queensland for five years from 1989.

Her son was sexually abused at the school and has since attempted suicide. She initially sent letters to the school in 2010 which were rejected, however her claim was recently reviewed. The school has now decided to reimburse her for the cost of all tuition fees, adjusted for inflation, in the [...]

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